Making the choice…

Breast is best.  This is thrown at new moms over and over again.  Doctors, Nurses, Formula companies, even other moms throw this at new moms.  But is it?

Ask the mom that MUST take medication just so that she can walk and if she were to breastfeed she would POSION her child, ask her if breast is best.  Or the mom that is so sick after a very difficult pregnancy that she can’t produce milk, ask her.  Or the mom that has Post Partum Depression so bad she can barely look at her child let alone think about putting her baby to her breast to feed it, ask her.  Breast is not best, feeding your child is best. 

Forcing your beliefs upon other moms because that is what works for you and what you believe in just undermines that mother who has chosen or had chosen for her that formula is what is best for her and her child.  In the long run feeding your child is more important than whether it is breast of formula.

Mothers need to start supporting each other instead of beating one another up for choosing a different path than what you would choose.  Stop saying Breast is best and start saying Feeding your baby is best.