The Scare

Today I picked up my Monkey at Grandpa’s like I do everyday after work.  Today was an unusual day though as she was cranky and clingy.  I thought nothing of this as she had just gotten up from a nap.  I put her in her car seat where she proceeded to freak out and then puke, okay a little unusual but still thought nothing of it and went to pick up Unexpected Dad.

While we were waiting for Unexpected Dad she started to freak out again so I tried to rub her hair as that calms her down most times when what do I spy but a HUGE goose egg and bruise.

The Bruise!

Grandpa hadn’t mentioned any injuries so I called to find out what had happened.  He hadn’t noticed a bruise (her hair was hiding it) and couldn’t think of anything that had happened that would have caused that.  No big deal she could have knocked her head on anything.

Get home and what does she proceed to do but puke again.  So off we go to get cleaned up and I call the Health Nurse about her symptoms.  The nurse recommends I take her into the children’s hospital so off we go.  Again she pukes in the car…hmmmm.  We get to the hospital and are talking to the triage nurse when what does she do again but puke.  Needless to say we were admitted and in a room right away.  Called Grandpa to let him know what is going on and find out that Grandma got the truth out of Monkey’s Cousin.  Turns out Cousin had moved the baby gate for himself and didn’t put it back and Monkey fell down the stairs.  Grandpa was in the washroom so hadn’t known.

Three hours and a few x-rays later we learn she doesn’t have a concussion but a fractured clavicle.  She will be fine and heal well but will be sore for a while.  It could have been worse and for that I am thankful.

Children will terrify us with all the stuff they get into.  This incident could have been worse but wasn’t am I upset that this happened on someone elses watch?  Heck no!  Monkey ADORES her Grandpa!!!  She may not want me to go in the mornings but she sure does not want to leave Grandpa when I go to pick her up.  Am I worried this could happen again?  A little but who wouldn’t, however, she is an active curious child and will probably hurt herself again.  I cannot worry or I will go crazy.

What is the scariest incident you have ever had happen with your children.


Troublesome crawler

Nalani is crawling and almost walking.  She is into EVERYTHING and even if you think it is out of reach think again!

While wrapping presents for Christmas she was a handful.  Got to the point that I put her into her activity saucer, which since she learnt to crawl hates.  Got the wrapping done and everything out of her reach or so I thought.  I took her out of her activity saucer cause the screeching was unbearable and let her rip up some scrap wrapping paper while I put the presents away in another room so that she wouldn’t get into them.  Upon my return to the living room I find a content Nalani quietly playing.  I didn’t hear any paper ripping so was wondering what she had that was keeping her so entertained.  I walk over just as she is about to put SCISSORS into her mouth that she had managed to get off of the computer desk.

Needless to say there was some screeching, crying, and going ons when I took them away from her.  Lesson learned, if you think they won’t be able to get them put them somewhere even more inaccessible as they are monkeys and will find a way.