We have recently moved. Not only are we out of our crappy basement suite (with no tub might I add) but we now OWN our place!

Now not only do we own but we have TWO bathtubs and a DISHWASHER! My hands are loving it. The best part is watching Monkeys face light up every time I run the bath for her. She loves it so much that her first bath she jumped in fully clothed diaper and all. I never imagined that anything as simple as a bath would make her so happy no matter what her mood. It is like baby Prozac!

We have natural light and hot water whenever we want….hot diggity I can have hot showers and not just at 11 pm.  I am loving this place!!  Now to finish unpacking….


Failure to Thrive

No parent wants to hear that their child is failing to thrive.  Recently I heard this used for my daughter, and let me tell you I was NOT happy.  My little monkey is a mover and shaker.  She is into EVERYTHING and doesn’t hold still longer than 5 minutes unless she is sleeping or strapped into her high chair or car seat and even then she is moving.  I can only get her to eat so much food without forcing her to eat, which is not something I would even consider doing as this could create adverse associations with food.

My monkey is petite.  She is healthy, active, smart (sometimes to smart), and amazingly perfect!  But because she is not gaining weight like “normal” children she is failing to thrive.  This made me feel like I was a horrible parent because my little girl at almost 16 months didn’t weigh 22 lbs+ and it was somehow my fault.  This is a terrible feeling for any parent when you know you are doing the best possible for your child.

So now we are back to formula, pediasure, toddler drinks, and high fat (while being healthy) foods to help increase her calorie intake just so she can be “normal”.  What is normal though?  Is it every child gaining weight the same way if they are fed well?  Is it developing at the same rate as other children their age?  I happen to disagree.  Everything that you read about developmental milestones in your child’s life comes with the disclaimer “some children will do this later and some will do it earlier, this is just a guideline”.  So that being said why can’t the way children gain and grow be different as long as they are healthy and being feed well?  Why make the parents feel like they are the worst parents in the world just because your child isn’t “normal”.

I will do as the doctors have suggested just so that I am not labeled a “bad mother” for believing that my child will not starve herself.  I hate having her clumped in with the “normal” kids even though I know that every child is different.  Have you been made to feel like a bad parent just because your child wasn’t “normal”

Teeny Tiny Baby Girl

Recently my daughter went for a check up on her weight. Since being put on solids her weight gain has slowed down and then she started walking. Well since then she hasn’t gained a pound. Should I be worried? I don’t think so and here is why.

My monkey is a go getter! From the moment she wakes up till she sleeps again she is on the go. Sitting is not for her and sitting to eat is a torture for her. She climbs and runs and laughs. Learning things all the time and in her own way asking about the world around her.

Eating as I said is torture for her as she has to SIT STILL! The horror I know. We offer her a variety of foods at all her meals and give her a variety of snacks while trying to keep them healthy. She eats what she wants and I won’t force her to eat beyond that. Does this make me a bad mom? I don’t think so, she all ready has her own mind and knows when she is hungry or not. Who am I to tell her when she is hungry or not.

My daughter is tiny, she is petite, and she is a ball of energy. Just because she isn’t gaining weight does not mean she is not eating. It just means that she burns it off faster than she can put it in her. I love my little girl and would worry more if she wasn’t learning or energetic.

Are your instincts as a mom better then the worry of a doctor? Sometimes. The doctor isn’t there all day everyday to see me pulling her off the back the couch as she climbs it, or her running away from me EVERY time I change her bum. The doctor doesn’t see her nibbling at her dinner one night and wolfing it down another.

To try and help her gain weight I offer her snacks and have kept her on the second stage formula. Hopefully this helps as I am tired of taking her to the doctors due to her weight or lack thereof.  Have you ever had a doctor question something in regards to your child and you know that there is nothing wrong with them?