Look at that Smile

Today Unexpected Dad watched Monkey while our Little Lion was napping in his bassinet in our room.  I was feeling stressed so taking my brain candy with me I drew myself a nice hot bath and I relaxed.

Eventually all good things come to an end and Little Lion woke up.  Surprisingly he didn’t start screaming as if he was dying like he usually does but had a conversation with his feet (I am assuming this as his feet are his favorite thing to talk to).  I start the process of getting out of the bath and dressed so I can go get him when Monkey comes running into the room right up to his bassinet (she didn’t climb in with him this time) and all I can hear coming out of her mouth is “look at that smile….look at that smile…your so handsome…look at that smile” over and over again.  Holy crap she really does listen…just not when I want her to.

My Monkey is amazing!  She LOVES her brother and will do anything to make him laugh and smile.  This is a gift that I appreciate and take advantage of…cooking dinner is MUCH easier when she is entertaining him because he is happy and she isn’t in the kitchen yelling “my turn” and reaching for the knife to help cut up whatever I am chopping at that moment.

Your children listen, be careful of what you say as it will eventually come out of their mouths as well.


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