Looking for the snip

Well unexpectedly we found our selves expecting….and have welcomed a very handsome little boy to our family.  With the million dollar family taken care of we don’t want to find ourselves unexpectedly expecting yet again.  So the discussion of permanent birth control has been the topic in our house.

I have been pushing for him to go get snipped as it would be less invasive and a quicker heal and procedure than for me to go in and get “fixed”.  This has lead to many a discussion about his “manhood” and how it will make him feel less like a man.  My argument is that I have given birth to two children, one which I might add was NOT a newborn but a 2 month old pretending to be a newborn….38 inch head…..and all he had to do was have fun so he can get snipped.

What are your thought and arguments for or against the man getting permanently “fixed”


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