The little people

So over the last little while I have been wondering if I should continue….I mean do people really want to know what I have rambling around in my head especially as I am random.  I swear I am like Dug in the movie UP…squirrel!

I want to keep this about the unexpectedness of being a Mom to an AMAZING daughter.  But that is not all I am.  Charity is something I wholeheartedly support.  If you are doing well then you should give back.  And then I just want to rant about stupidity….

Last night I got to work an event that the NDP were putting on.  I was paid to be there so let us be clear on that.  During the course of a plated dinner for over 300 people (which is not that easy) I had 3 complaints about the food, the lack of coffee, multiple requests for stuff that was not part of thie dinner and so on and so on.  I am pretty easygoing and not easily ruffled…5 years at a casino will do that.  HOWEVER the girl next to me had a couple that were so rude they made her cry.

I don’t know about you but the thought that your supporters are so rude that they would make a young woman cry because the coffee wasn’t hot enough for you does NOT make me want to vote for your party.  You purport the support of the little people…well who is littler than the server WORKING YOUR FUNCTION? 

And that is my vent on stupidity!