To Vaccinate or Not to Vaccinate…that is the question.

Recently a one month old baby in Lethbridge, AB Canada died from Pertussis (whooping-cough).  This is a preventable disease that is rarely seen in Canada but has recently seen 42 patients this year diagnosed with the disease in Alberta alone.  This is alarming!  Especially since infants under the age of 3 months have little to no defence against the disease and account for 90% of all deaths

VARN (Vaccination Risk Awareness Network) is a group that believes that vaccinations are unhealthy for anyone to undertake.  They will argue that subjecting your body or the body of your children to the chemicals in the vaccinations are what is causing autism, ADHD, allergies, and a whole list of other complaints. 

Andrew Jeremy Wakefield was the leading doctor in the whole controversy of how the MMR (Measles, Mumps, Rubella) shot caused autism.  However this has been debunked.  The only thing that they can medically connect to the vaccination is the fact that children that all ready have an immune or metabolic condition are affected.  It is like the straw that broke the camels back when it comes to these children.

 Just because a disease is eradicated or nearly so here in North America does not make you safe.  People travel to third world countries all the time where the disease is rampant and become carriers.  This introduces the disease back into our society.  In 2010 alone 91,689 cases of Pertussis were reported worldwide according to WHO.

I for one will continue to get my family immunized.  The idea that by not doing so I might have to watch someone I love wheeze and gasp for breath due to them contracting Pertussis is not something I am willing to take a chance on happening.


The Scare

Today I picked up my Monkey at Grandpa’s like I do everyday after work.  Today was an unusual day though as she was cranky and clingy.  I thought nothing of this as she had just gotten up from a nap.  I put her in her car seat where she proceeded to freak out and then puke, okay a little unusual but still thought nothing of it and went to pick up Unexpected Dad.

While we were waiting for Unexpected Dad she started to freak out again so I tried to rub her hair as that calms her down most times when what do I spy but a HUGE goose egg and bruise.

The Bruise!

Grandpa hadn’t mentioned any injuries so I called to find out what had happened.  He hadn’t noticed a bruise (her hair was hiding it) and couldn’t think of anything that had happened that would have caused that.  No big deal she could have knocked her head on anything.

Get home and what does she proceed to do but puke again.  So off we go to get cleaned up and I call the Health Nurse about her symptoms.  The nurse recommends I take her into the children’s hospital so off we go.  Again she pukes in the car…hmmmm.  We get to the hospital and are talking to the triage nurse when what does she do again but puke.  Needless to say we were admitted and in a room right away.  Called Grandpa to let him know what is going on and find out that Grandma got the truth out of Monkey’s Cousin.  Turns out Cousin had moved the baby gate for himself and didn’t put it back and Monkey fell down the stairs.  Grandpa was in the washroom so hadn’t known.

Three hours and a few x-rays later we learn she doesn’t have a concussion but a fractured clavicle.  She will be fine and heal well but will be sore for a while.  It could have been worse and for that I am thankful.

Children will terrify us with all the stuff they get into.  This incident could have been worse but wasn’t am I upset that this happened on someone elses watch?  Heck no!  Monkey ADORES her Grandpa!!!  She may not want me to go in the mornings but she sure does not want to leave Grandpa when I go to pick her up.  Am I worried this could happen again?  A little but who wouldn’t, however, she is an active curious child and will probably hurt herself again.  I cannot worry or I will go crazy.

What is the scariest incident you have ever had happen with your children.