Teeny Tiny Baby Girl

Recently my daughter went for a check up on her weight. Since being put on solids her weight gain has slowed down and then she started walking. Well since then she hasn’t gained a pound. Should I be worried? I don’t think so and here is why.

My monkey is a go getter! From the moment she wakes up till she sleeps again she is on the go. Sitting is not for her and sitting to eat is a torture for her. She climbs and runs and laughs. Learning things all the time and in her own way asking about the world around her.

Eating as I said is torture for her as she has to SIT STILL! The horror I know. We offer her a variety of foods at all her meals and give her a variety of snacks while trying to keep them healthy. She eats what she wants and I won’t force her to eat beyond that. Does this make me a bad mom? I don’t think so, she all ready has her own mind and knows when she is hungry or not. Who am I to tell her when she is hungry or not.

My daughter is tiny, she is petite, and she is a ball of energy. Just because she isn’t gaining weight does not mean she is not eating. It just means that she burns it off faster than she can put it in her. I love my little girl and would worry more if she wasn’t learning or energetic.

Are your instincts as a mom better then the worry of a doctor? Sometimes. The doctor isn’t there all day everyday to see me pulling her off the back the couch as she climbs it, or her running away from me EVERY time I change her bum. The doctor doesn’t see her nibbling at her dinner one night and wolfing it down another.

To try and help her gain weight I offer her snacks and have kept her on the second stage formula. Hopefully this helps as I am tired of taking her to the doctors due to her weight or lack thereof.  Have you ever had a doctor question something in regards to your child and you know that there is nothing wrong with them?


The darker side of seperation

Recently a friend of mine left his wife of 8 years because of suspected cheating and the fact that most of the money that he made last year is gone and can’t be accounted for.

Unfortunately there are 3 children mixed up in the ugliness. 13, 5, and 3 are the ages and true to form for most relationships that go sour the children are being used as pawns.

I understand bitterness that the relationship that you said “till death do us part” is now done, but what do the children have to do with this? They are innocent in all of this and yet one parent will deny the other from seeing 2 of the children just because. This DISGUSTS me!

When parents use their children to try and hurt the other it hurts NO ONE but the children. They are sponges and by reacting and acting this way you are now laying the groundwork for ALL relationships to come for them. Putting your child in the middle and pretty much telling them that it is them or me that you love is selfish. Thay are both parents of that child.

I will say that if abuse, whether physical, emotional, or sexual, is the reason that you are leaving the spouse than the abuser has NO RIGHTS. Again the children are your first and foremost concern.

I think that too many people are having children for the wrong reasons. Not to say that our little monkey was planned but with the knowledge that we were bringing a life into this world also came the knowledge and acceptance that the life we had been living is now over. Our new lives were just beginning. Please think about that before you decide to have a child. Children DO NOT save your marriage or relationship!! Children make it harder to connect with your partner as so much time is consumed by them.

I love my daughter and would not trade her in for the world. She is my all! If me and unexpected dad ever did split, not one bad word would pass my lips in regards to him. He is her Daddy! The one to kiss the boo boos, scare the monsters, and give her airplane rides. He will be the one to stand sternly by the door as she goes on her first date, teach her how to drive, and be the example of the man she will tend to lean towards in all of her relationships. Just because I didn’t love him anymore doesn’t mean she feels the same.