Stop Pretending!

We all do it, pretend that is, but it has to stop.  Postpartum depression is a serious condition that is under-diagnosed.  Recognizing it in yourself or someone you love does not make you or them an unfit mother, it makes you human.

There are three types of postpartum depression ranging from the “baby blues” to postpartum psychosis.  It is important to seek help as soon as possible to get the most effective treatment possible.

“Baby blues” affects 50 – 80% of new mothers usually starting 1 to 3 days after delivery and lasting several weeks.  Weeping, irritability, lack of sleep, mood changes, and feelings of vulnerability are some of the signs.

Postpartum depression is more debilitating with feelings of inadequacy, guilt, anxiety, irritability, fatigue, despondency, and tearfulness.  It can also have physical symptoms such as headaches, numbness, chest pain, and hyperventilation.  Mothers suffering from this may regard her child with ambivalence, negativity, or disinterest.  An adverse effect on bonding between the mother and child can be a result.  Postpartum depression can begin anywhere between delivery and 6 months post-birth and can last up to a year.

Postpartum psychosis is rare effecting 1 in 1000 births and can include symptoms of extreme confusion, fatigue, agitation, alterations in mood, feelings of hopelessness and shame, hallucinations and rapid speech or mania.

Talk to your Doctor, the Health Nurse, a trusted friend, ANYONE!  You are not alone and you don’t have to suffer alone.  For more information about this disorder and where to get help visit your local CMHA.  Remember you are an amazing mother!!!


Look at that Smile

Today Unexpected Dad watched Monkey while our Little Lion was napping in his bassinet in our room.  I was feeling stressed so taking my brain candy with me I drew myself a nice hot bath and I relaxed.

Eventually all good things come to an end and Little Lion woke up.  Surprisingly he didn’t start screaming as if he was dying like he usually does but had a conversation with his feet (I am assuming this as his feet are his favorite thing to talk to).  I start the process of getting out of the bath and dressed so I can go get him when Monkey comes running into the room right up to his bassinet (she didn’t climb in with him this time) and all I can hear coming out of her mouth is “look at that smile….look at that smile…your so handsome…look at that smile” over and over again.  Holy crap she really does listen…just not when I want her to.

My Monkey is amazing!  She LOVES her brother and will do anything to make him laugh and smile.  This is a gift that I appreciate and take advantage of…cooking dinner is MUCH easier when she is entertaining him because he is happy and she isn’t in the kitchen yelling “my turn” and reaching for the knife to help cut up whatever I am chopping at that moment.

Your children listen, be careful of what you say as it will eventually come out of their mouths as well.

3 years and running…

Yesterday my daughter turned 3. She didn’t really get into the birthday thing until we told her she got a present and then she was all over it. All I could think was my baby was growing up and before I know it she will be a mother herself.

I am in awe of my daughter. I think she is the smartest 3 year old ever..but then I could be biased. She is like a parrot and it has made me watch my language a whole lot more than I used to. She loves to sing, badly, but man does she love it. For a toddler she is a gentle and loving sister having only tried to smother her brother once. In her defence she was only trying to help by making him stop crying.

I love my monkey and my little lion man and I am absolutely the luckiest Mother to have these two animals in my life.


Well I knew Handsome was going to be big as he came out weighing in at 9 lbs 11 oz. but am still amazed at how big he is.

At 4 months we have to put him in 6-9 month clothing as he is so chunky. It also looks like the bucket seat will be gone soon as he will be hitting his weight limit in a month if he keeps going on like this. It makes me sad as I never really had my little baby with him but I am glad at how healthy and happy he is.

What was the one thing that made you a little bit sad about your little one.

Losing my mind.

My monkey is driving me NUTS!!! She doesn’t cry she yells “WAAAAAA” then pokes her eyes and pulls her eyelashes to create tears. I just want to strangle her when she does this as it is more irritating than if she were to just cry outright.

We have been fighting about bedtime and brushing our teeth and pretty much EVERYTHING! She cries more than my handsome little man who is 3 months old.

When will this end? What did you do to help with it?

Making the choice…

Breast is best.  This is thrown at new moms over and over again.  Doctors, Nurses, Formula companies, even other moms throw this at new moms.  But is it?

Ask the mom that MUST take medication just so that she can walk and if she were to breastfeed she would POSION her child, ask her if breast is best.  Or the mom that is so sick after a very difficult pregnancy that she can’t produce milk, ask her.  Or the mom that has Post Partum Depression so bad she can barely look at her child let alone think about putting her baby to her breast to feed it, ask her.  Breast is not best, feeding your child is best. 

Forcing your beliefs upon other moms because that is what works for you and what you believe in just undermines that mother who has chosen or had chosen for her that formula is what is best for her and her child.  In the long run feeding your child is more important than whether it is breast of formula.

Mothers need to start supporting each other instead of beating one another up for choosing a different path than what you would choose.  Stop saying Breast is best and start saying Feeding your baby is best.

Looking for the snip

Well unexpectedly we found our selves expecting….and have welcomed a very handsome little boy to our family.  With the million dollar family taken care of we don’t want to find ourselves unexpectedly expecting yet again.  So the discussion of permanent birth control has been the topic in our house.

I have been pushing for him to go get snipped as it would be less invasive and a quicker heal and procedure than for me to go in and get “fixed”.  This has lead to many a discussion about his “manhood” and how it will make him feel less like a man.  My argument is that I have given birth to two children, one which I might add was NOT a newborn but a 2 month old pretending to be a newborn….38 inch head…..and all he had to do was have fun so he can get snipped.

What are your thought and arguments for or against the man getting permanently “fixed”

A new year…what a ride!

Tonight I had the unfortunate pleasure of working instead of spending it with Unexpected Dad and my Monkey. But all things aside at least I didn’t make an ass out of myself.

The past year has brought a lot of changes to our life (A DISHWASHER AND TUBS). It was a mostly good year with some ups and downs but mostly ups. So I sit here thinking about the upcoming year and what I hope to see it bring (I need to unwind as I just walked in the door).

One of the things I hope for is that Monkey starts to eat better. Don’t get me wrong she eats…just what she wants and nothing else. This makes it difficult to balance her diet as she won’t eat meat, is picky about vegetables, and will only eat cheese slices. Now give her chocolate and man that kid gobbles it down…maybe I should cover everything in chocolate.

I also hope for stronger stability in our finances. We don’t struggle but it would be nice to go somewhere warm next year instead of thinking about it and saying next year.

If my job could be more interesting or engaging that would be great but the best would be if I won the lottery…now here’s to hoping!

But most of all I wish for happiness. Not just for me and those I love but for everyone. Happiness in who you are and where you are going. Joy in the little things like a naked 2 year old bum running away from you giggling. Stop worrying about the past as it can’t be changed and you accomplish nothing but dwelling on it. Look to the future and if it seems bleak CHANGE something as nothing is handed to you on a platter…except maybe the lottery. Dream big but also dream realistically. But most of all Love yourself for you can’t love anyone without loving you first.

Happy New Year’s and may this year bring you the blessing of happiness.


We have recently moved. Not only are we out of our crappy basement suite (with no tub might I add) but we now OWN our place!

Now not only do we own but we have TWO bathtubs and a DISHWASHER! My hands are loving it. The best part is watching Monkeys face light up every time I run the bath for her. She loves it so much that her first bath she jumped in fully clothed diaper and all. I never imagined that anything as simple as a bath would make her so happy no matter what her mood. It is like baby Prozac!

We have natural light and hot water whenever we want….hot diggity I can have hot showers and not just at 11 pm.  I am loving this place!!  Now to finish unpacking….

The little people

So over the last little while I have been wondering if I should continue….I mean do people really want to know what I have rambling around in my head especially as I am random.  I swear I am like Dug in the movie UP…squirrel!

I want to keep this about the unexpectedness of being a Mom to an AMAZING daughter.  But that is not all I am.  Charity is something I wholeheartedly support.  If you are doing well then you should give back.  And then I just want to rant about stupidity….

Last night I got to work an event that the NDP were putting on.  I was paid to be there so let us be clear on that.  During the course of a plated dinner for over 300 people (which is not that easy) I had 3 complaints about the food, the lack of coffee, multiple requests for stuff that was not part of thie dinner and so on and so on.  I am pretty easygoing and not easily ruffled…5 years at a casino will do that.  HOWEVER the girl next to me had a couple that were so rude they made her cry.

I don’t know about you but the thought that your supporters are so rude that they would make a young woman cry because the coffee wasn’t hot enough for you does NOT make me want to vote for your party.  You purport the support of the little people…well who is littler than the server WORKING YOUR FUNCTION? 

And that is my vent on stupidity!

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